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Prestige One Developments stands tall as a global powerhouse in real estate development. Since our inception, we do more than build homes—we craft experiences where luxury intertwines with lifestyle.

Having the customer, community, and design at the heart of its ethos, Prestige One Developments is a premier Dubai real estate developer dedicated to high-quality lifestyles and discerning buyers. The firm’s customer-focused approach is reflected in its commitment to creating residences that truly embody experiential design. From timeless architecture and tasteful interiors to superior amenities, each aspect of a Prestige One project is shaped by its customers and the communities it helps foster.



We have developed residential and hospitality projects across the globe.



As a group, we gained a solid reputation in Dubai for being part of developing 30+ B2B projects in the city.



We are under the arm of an esteemed group.

Ajmal Saifi: Founder and CEO of Prestige One Developments

Message From Our CEO

Welcome to Prestige One Developments, a forefront leader in Dubai's dynamic real estate market. Our developments are thoughtfully designed to provide the sophistication and comfort of a high-end hotel, ensuring every day is steeped in luxury. Furthermore, we pledge to maintain a gold standard in all our projects and to consistently deliver excellence and innovation.

As we continue to set the benchmark in the industry, Prestige One Developments is not just focused on expanding locally but also has its sights set on global horizons. We aim to bring the unique Prestige One standard of elegance to a worldwide audience. At the end of the day, not only are we constructing buildings, but also curating lifestyles that resonate with elegance and quality. This is more than a promise, it's the Prestige One commitment.


Founder & CEO
Prestige One Developments


Our Management

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