Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands is an expansive 15.3 square kilometre waterfront city situated off the coast of Deira. This project consists of a series of man-made islands.

The development of Dubai Islands is set to extend Dubai’s coastline by an impressive 40 kilometres, including 21 kilometres of pristine beachfront. Its master plan includes hundreds of leisure, tourism, and residential developments that encompass hotels, serviced apartments, resorts, waterside homes, and mixed-use buildings.

Moreover, Dubai Islands will be comprised of the following man-made islands:

  • Central Island
  • Shore Island
  • Golf Island
  • Marina Island
  • Elite Island

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Transportation in Dubai Islands

Currently, the area is connected to Deira via roads extending from Abu Hail Road (D91), with plans underway to replace this existing connection with a larger road bridge originating from Abu Baker Al Siddique Road (D78). Additionally, within the Dubai Islands project, each of the five islands will be interconnected through individual road bridges, enhancing accessibility and connectivity.

Why Invest in Dubai Islands?

Investing in Dubai Islands presents a unique opportunity for both investors and developers. This waterfront city within a city aims to transform Dubai’s original commercial centre into a hub of tourism, retail, and leisure. The project’s vision to incorporate waterfront living with urban amenities while preserving cultural heritage makes it a standout investment. 

Dubai Islands is set to house a variety of attractions, including large-scale malls, night markets, and a marina, offering a vibrant mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The development’s focus on creating a multifaceted tourist destination will drive a constant flow of visitors, promising high rental yields and appreciation rates for property investors. Moreover, the inclusion of waterfront resorts and residential communities in the plan underscores a commitment to luxury and comfort, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, the government-backed nature of the Dubai Islands project underlines its stability and long-term viability. With significant infrastructure developments already underway, investors can have confidence in the project’s completion and the positive impact it will have on Dubai’s real estate market. The promise of state-of-the-art facilities and world-class amenities positions Dubai Islands as a promising investment opportunity and a future landmark of Dubai.

Prestige One Project in Dubai Sports City

Seaside by Prestige One offers an exclusive retreat that harmonises the luxuries of urban living with the serene ambience of island life. Designed with sophistication, each residence boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive balconies that invite the surrounding seascape into every home. 

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